Every company has a mission statement.
Not every company has a mission.

Who is Abiomed?

Abiomed is the only medical device company focused solely on recovering the heart muscle. Our commitment to patients, leadership in the cardiology space, and innovation is essential to our mission. We currently hold over 200 patents, with just as many pending, and with our recent FDA approvals on Impella® products, we are truly building the field of heart recovery.

Our Guiding Principles

1Recovering Hearts & Saving Lives

Recovering hearts and saving lives is the founding principle and guiding compass of our organization. This is our highest recognition of success. Recovering and preserving our patients hearts enables them to return home to their families and enjoy an improved quality of life.

2Leading in Technology and Innovation

We are committed to providing patients and health care providers with the highest quality devices and optimal cost-effective solutions. We accomplish this through the relentless exploration of new ideas and approaches that allow us to address new clinical challenges for our customers and patients.

3Growing Shareholder Value

Growing shareholder value rewards our investors and helps to ensure the company’s financial stability, allowing for the continued pursuit of our mission. Shareholder value is driven by executing our goals and achieving positive financial results. For employees, growth of shareholder value provides financial security for our families and the pursuit of happiness for our future.

4Sustaining A Winning Culture

Patients First. Our patients and customers are the motivation for all that we do and achieving our mission is dependent on their well-being. We must always act with integrity and honor and demand the best of ourselves. We work hard, have faith in each other, and have fun celebrating the patient success stories.