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Impella Connect®

How It Works:

 The Impella Connect enables hospital clinicians and staff, along with Abiomed’s Clinical Support Team to view the Automated Impella® Controller (AIC) screen through a secure website, allowing them to track, review, and share that information from any internet-capable phone, tablet, or computer.

The purpose of the Impella Connect is to enable a connection from the Abiomed AIC to a cloud-based website (HIPAA and GDPR-compliant) accessible by authorized login to certified Abiomed employees and hospital staff, who only see data from their own institution.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Impella Connect will provide the opportunity for hospital staff to review cases at any time.

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The Impella Connect®:

Intended Use

Impella Connect® transfers a video image of the screen on the Automated Impella Controller™ to an authorized remote user. The transmitted image can be viewed by authorized remote users. The users can include the hospital’s clinicians, Abiomed local support staff, and Clinical Support Center (CSC) team members.



  • Impella Connect is not intended to provide real-time information for monitoring patient status on the Automated Impella Controller.

  • During use of the Impella Connect, there will be a delay between when an image appears on the controller screen and when it is displayed at a remote viewing location.

  • The Impella Connect is not a source of patient alarms, nor is its use intended as a replacement for monitoring the controller’s alarms.

  • During use of the Impella Connect, receipt of the displayed controller information is not confirmed by the Automated Impella Controller, nor is the delivery of the displayed controller information to the authorized remote users guaranteed.

  • The Impella Connect is not designed for use during transport.

  • Radiated and conducted electromagnetic interference can affect the performance of the Impella Connect, causing a temporary loss of connectivity. To clear interference, either increase the distance between system components and the EMI source or turn off the EMI source. Any electromagnetic interference related to the Impella Connect will have no impact on any of the controller functional specifications.

  • Portable and mobile RF communications equipment can affect medical electrical equipment.

In addition to the risks above, there are other WARNINGS and PRECAUTIONS associated with Impella devices.