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Portrait of three female Impella patients making a heart shape with their hands

Each story is different, but all share a common message: heart recovery is possible. Learn more about the people who returned home with their native hearts.



Stories of Heart Recovery


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Teenage Hockey Player Returns to Ice After Going Into Cardiogenic Shock

Heart problems were the last thing Adam Millar’s family expected when the healthy 19 year old developed flu-like symptoms.

Psychologist Returns to Active Lifestyle After Major Heart Attack

Kristie Holmes suffered a massive heart attack due to two large tears in a major heart vessel.

Avid Traveler and Family Man Enjoying Life After Suffering a Near-Fatal Heart Attack

Keith Brown was at a friend’s birthday celebration when he suddenly collapsed and went into cardiac arrest.

Grandfather Regains Strength Following Protected PCI

Following the procedure, Jim Hoag gradually began to regain his strength and within a couple of months he felt better than he had in seven years

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