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Portrait of three female Impella patients making a heart shape with their hands

Each story is different, but all share a common message: heart recovery is possible. Learn more about the people who returned home with their native hearts.



Stories of Heart Recovery


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Dr. Thom Dahle Shares the Story of His Father, Tory Dahle

Tory Dahle benefited from Protected PCI with the Impella CP® heart pump

Surgeons Turned Bobby Freeman Down for Open Heart Surgery Because He Was Too High Risk

Bobby remained on Impella® support for four days until his heart was strong enough to function on its own and the Impella was removed

Young Athlete’s Heart Recovers Following Cardiac Arrest During Workout

Though his doctors initially thought Tim Deits may need to receive a heart transplant, his heart recovered well enough to avoid it

Middle Linebacker Overcomes Biggest Blockage of His Life

After two days on the Impella® heart pump, Dr. Hill and his colleagues determined that Stephon Betts’s heart had healed enough to pump on its own again

Retired Engineer Tends to More Than 40 Acres of Land After Surviving Cardiogenic Shock

By the time John DeBusk arrived in the parking lot of the hospital, he was in cardiac arrest.

Physician Babu Eladasari Recovers After Experiencing Cardiogenic Shock

A little over two weeks later, Dr. Eladasari was discharged home with his native heart and normal heart function

Distance Runner Survives Heart Attack During Half-Marathon

Soma Ambadapudi was discharged home with his native heart, and today he has normal heart function and an ejection fraction of 55%

Mother Survives Peripartum Cardiomyopathy After the Birth of Her Second Child

A few years ago, after a scheduled C-section at a local hospital in Raleigh, North Carolina for her second child, Shirley Polk suddenly had trouble breathing.

Adrienne Nastari Returns to Her Busy Routine After Surviving Cardiomyopathy

After three days on support of the Impella® heart pump, Adrienne’s heart recovered, and the pump was removed

Swiss Man Returns to Active Lifestyle Following Heart Attack

Seppi Gasser was in cardiogenic shock and his heart needed immediate support

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